Unaccommodated man

(working title only)

The project is still in woodshedding mode, taking shape, but references a scene in Shakespeare’s King Lear (Act 3, scene 4), in particular, where Lear says:

Why, thou wert better in thy grave than to answer with thy uncovered body this extremity of the skies.
—Is man no more than this? Consider him well.
—Thou owest the worm no silk, the beast no hide, the sheep no wool, the cat no perfume. Ha! Here’s three on ’s are sophisticated. Thou art the thing itself.

Unaccommodated man is no more but such a poor, bare, forked animal as thou art.—

Off, off, you lendings! Come. Unbutton here. (tears at his clothes)

The initial impulse came from the inordinate pleasure I get from plunging into the ocean, particularly when cold and/or stormy. My wife, seeing me emerge from the roiling surf, called me the unaccommodated man. The label stuck. So, I want to explore that state of being beyond civility.