This party, what a joke
Supposed to be the big night of the year
My classmates, all spiffed up
Pretending to be cooler than they are

There’s Rudy, what a rake
Big, brand-new gob of product in his hair
White collar, turned it up
He thinks that goofy dance makes him a star

Squished elbows, pushed aside
I’m back with pale wallflowers in a row
Stage central, who needs it
Look at my watch, make like its time to go

Wait! What’s that… foreign body?
Moves like he’s off in a world of his own
Stares at me, pins my eye
He seems to know I’m at the dance alone


He draws me in
The closer, the stronger

Its dangerous
The closer, the stronger

He draws me in
Can’t stand it much longer

I’ve got to shuttle off
Before I burn up


Still staring, makes approach
The dancers dive and tumble out the way
So courtly, takes my hand
Floats me unconscious out into display

He pivots, turns around
Deer headlight moment: how can I react?
Plunge forward, face to face
Prepare for an embarrassing impact

Last moment, bob aside
Ape Rudy ‘till my wits return again
He’s laughing, breaks the spell
Can I such ridiculousness sustain?

I got this, play the game
Keep him off balance at a safe distance
Keep weaving, circle ‘round
His gravitation powers my defence



Just keep it moving – spin it around
When he pulls in slingshot off and rebound

You’re nimble, – you can move as you please
If he’s too close swing off on your trapeze