Project-in-progress, based on orbital resonance, the celestial mechanics phenomenon.
Initial notes here

The material for the project to date includes

Five instrumental pieces, with 3-6 part polyphony generated with a combination of synthesized sequences and acoustic/electric instruments.

Four songs, for chamber combo. The polyphony loosely refers to some of the orbital resonance relationships treated in the instrumental pieces. Lyrics are in the project’s associated tracks.

A series of short rhythmic drones based on synthesized sine waves modulating at orbital ratios found in the solar system. These were the starting point of the project, which include slow modulations loosely simulating orbital eccentricity, libration and astronomer’s modelling for how the resonant arrangements may have formed, and may disintegrate. I find them fascinating, but don’t assume they make for repeated listening. However, I hope to use short snippets for interstitials for the pieces above. Some examples:

  • Jupiter’s moons Io, Europa, Ganymede – 1:2:4
  • Earth, Alinda (asteroid group), Jupiter – 1:4:12
  • Venus and earth – 8:13
  • Neptune, Pluto, some Kuiper objects – 2:3:5
  • Saturn’s moons Titan and Hyperion 3:4. The potato-shaped Hyperion has a chaotically tumbling rotation.