Here is an assortment of pieces gathered from various sources. Most of them originate through my typical process, which is to develop the score while solving a compositional problem. Several of the pieces began as character studies. To get hold of the character of interest, I often wrote some words to start. Others address structural challenges; such pieces can begin by sketching an overall shape or fragment of modal polyphony. For some, I have forgotten what the problem was now that piece is completed.

There are a couple pieces that derive from jamming with friends, and I’ve included them for contrast/relief.

Finally, a couple pieces were created as incidental music for Graham Ritchie’s production of Cymbeline. The play is set mainly in ancient Britain and Rome, and I invented a “fake ancient” style for the music. This cavalier approach follows somewhat in the manner of Dead Can Dance or Ramin Djawadi  for the Game of Thrones soundtracks.

Lyrics are available on the individual track pages.


Maria Alejandra Velasquez Restrepo – voice
Geoff Webb – voice
Lisa Jensen – oboe
Holly Bryan – horn
David Sossa Fernández – guitar
Brenda Lohrenz – keyboard
Buff Allen – drums and percussion
Trevor Tunnacliffe – other sounds

Music and words by Trevor Tunnacliffe.


Available on Bandcamp