Black star

This is The Order of Eternal Tranquility’s credo, for intimate devotion within the chapel


Singular destiny of life is death.
Each earthly specimen supports this truth.
Conveyance plods, inex’rable from birth,
To culmination foreordained: last breath.

Though obvious, most fail to realize;
Let finite quota freely dissipate,
Then feel the near-depleted cache too late,
And bleakly watch the final full moon rise.

Instead, we focus on the furthest sight
Of emptiness in shelt’ring sky, black star.
Submit the shroud of darkness to enclose;
Descending swathed oblivion invite.
Umbilical connection hoists us far

Through gateway to the infinite repose.


The words are derived from text snippets taken from a section the Paul Bowles’ The Sheltering Sky


Carman J Price – vocals
Trevor Tunnacliffe – guitar, bass