Maria Alejandra Velasquez Restrepo – voice

Nina Horvath – keys


Buff Allen – drums and percussion

Trevor Tunnacliffe – bass, guitar



Pinwheel in my hand

Its alive when I run fast

Pinwheel – it’s alive when I run fast

It spins in a blur

A loud whir

I dash headlong over grass


Pinpricks in a jar

So it breathes, my dragonfly

Pinpricks – so it breathes, my dragonfly

Its antennae wave

To explore

To find a way out of there


Pinprick of the sun

Magnified, the glass pulls tight

Pinprick of the sun

The glass pulls tight

The point penetrates

A brown spot

A twist of smoke rises up.


Pinpricks in the sky

The night sky like a jar lid

Pinpricks in the sky

Like a jar lid

My feelers can’t find

The edges

Of the world I’ve been dropped in.


Pinprick in a box

With some film

Its a cam’ra

Pinprick with some film its a cam’ra

It captures the world

Holds it still

And turns it all upside down.