There is some vague connection to Telescope in this piece – here, the fourteen bar divisions repeat unvaryingly, while the tenor (Delver) voice is isorhythmic.

Maria Alejandra Velasquez Restrepo – voice

Lisa Jensen – oboe

Holly Bryan – horn

Nina Horvath – keys

Buff Allen – drums and percussion

Trevor Tunnacliffe – bass




Within concentric paisley

Measured heaving breath

Entrail dropping, cavernous


Gothic ribcage pulsating

In synchronized swells

What is source, what is echo?


Slow thumping Persian carpet

Motes wafting back down

Each pulse shuffling through the frame


I am tapestry fodder

With nothing to grip

Surrender the unfolding



Among us, the slow revolving

Procession regenerating

Elements collapse into dirt

Consolidating into life




Particles are drifting in space

Attraction yields proximity

Biology blends molecules

Comingling in procreation


Observing it at a distance

Provokes me and tries my patience

Latch onto our evolution

Consume me into the purpose