Those fascinating neighbours down the street,
Impromptu at the mailbox, did invite
Her and her spouse for dinner date tonight:
The first time for all four of them to meet.

She has spent hours combing through her clothes
and scents and jewelry. Laid on the bed,
He sees them as a divination spread,
Portentous, such a strange outfit she chose.

A minor flurry to get out the door,
Already frisson crackles in the air.
Bouquet and wine in hand, off they venture
Into the suburb jungle, keen aware
Of creeping cats, lush shrubs at dusk. He rings
To face what fates the looming evening brings.

Invited in with eye contact too warm
and close, he feels his balance twist awry.
Expected host to chatter neighbourly.
Instead, the hostess smothers him in charm.

Host suavely waltzes wife, with fingertips
Onto the deck, he gestures while they chat,
Has broken her reserve, no mean feat that –
A rare, delightful laugh escapes her lips.

The hosts disarm their guests with subtle skill,
From pairs, to four-way conversations shift,
Then gather close, to finger-feast their fill.
The babble swells, their clinking glasses lift:
As hostess bids them rise up from their chairs,
Convene in mist and bubbles under stars.

Meticulously dressed, offhand and calm,
His wife slips off her clothes, slyly descends
Into the cyan steam, to her new friends,
Insinuates among them with aplomb.

Warm-floating three look back, and he’s undone.
Enticement tugs against his reticence,
Once-stable world careens off its axis.
Stark frozen, clothed, he’s now the naked one.

Suspense dangles too sharp, he must react.
Raw trembles fumble his response. Take flight!
Cast off all history to keep intact.
He flings himself, distressed, without foresight,
Without a plan, to tumble through the void,
Oblivious how his life was destroyed.