Adventure exotique,
At first it was a dream:
To circle ‘round the globe,
Constrained by no routine.

From midnight clicking heels
On cobbled Paris streets
To sci-fi avenues
In scorching Dubai heat.

Her confident ascent
Spun out so easily
A storybook career
Achieved elegantly.


Another city

Another apartment
To place her luggage in

Another assignment,
A new post, a new life to begin


But in these empty hours,
Her retinue dismissed,
Without a confidant,
She feels herself adrift.

Now, perched on cafe stool
Absently scrolls her phone
No friend available,
She sips her tea alone.

This sense of floating loose
Unsettles, where’s that pull
All earthly creatures feel,
that makes life meaningful?


Another cafe

Another neighbourhood,
To work and relax in

And new acquaintances,
To befriend,
Someone will invite her to join in



A draft of air perturbs
Her thoughts. Through open door
Her one-time lover steps,
Then halts on seeing her.

She must have dropped her jaw
Because he mimicked it:
The jolt could not constrain
A spark of their old wit.

She thought her outward arc
Had left their past behind.
Instead it’s rounded back,
They are still intertwined.


Another return

Another rotation
Back to the beginning

A new situation
A reset,
A new start, connection returning