Through Strangers Eyes

The song started with the lyrics, with emphasis on storytelling. The musical structure follows that of the words.

Together in our breakfast nook,
We scan the Sunday news.
Familiar rattles, shakes and flicks
Against the radio.

Our weekends all unfold like this,
Sunk into ritual
Our routine so predictable
We have no need to speak.

I can’t remember anymore
How you appear
Through stranger’s eyes.

I saw you in the restaurant,
Looked like a business lunch.
Your hands up-raised, two birds in flight,
Wide avid eyes between.

You dived to scoop from shared dessert,
Then paused to make your pitch.
The mousse a-tremble on your spoon,
Your gaze was holding his.

I caught again forgotten glimpse
How you appear
Through stranger’s eyes.

Remember when
We lit that spark?
First faced to face,
Background erased
Daring to bridge the arc?

Soft as the gleam
In phosphor swell
The circuit closed
Fresh current flowed
Full through each others arms.

You sat before your vanity.
The door was left ajar.
Your gaze, so deep into the glass
I couldn’t recognize.

And when you fiddled with your hair
And touched so soft, your throat
You seemed to be making a plea
Beyond the mirror’s plane.

Too clearly then I understood
How you appear
Through stranger’s eyes.


LJ Mounteney – vocals
Finn Manniche – ‘cello, guitar
Trevor Tunnacliffe – guitar
Buff Allen – drums, percussion