Upcoming project: Elliptic

We’ve given the Unthunk project-in-progress a working title – Elliptic. It is based on a lingering fascination with orbital resonance. Sometimes gravity and motion among celestial bodies results in them developing stable, inter-related orbits, which can be considered polyrhythms on a much extended time scale.

With potentially enough material to release as an album, the project shifts from writing to practicing, playing, and recording mode. Some of material consists of ensemble songs with lyrics tangentially related to human-scale orbital resonance. There are also instrumental pieces built with polyrhythmic sequences evoked by the relationships among our planets and moons, to be performed with a combination of modular synthesis and traditional instruments. Some of these sequences form mensural canons, some include free melodies in counterpoint with interlocked sequences. The project began with exploring the resonant planetary rhythms in synthesized drones, which may be handy to serve as interstitial pieces in the released project.

Elliptic is scheduled for release in the first half of 2021.