Unthunk is an identifier for Trevor Tunnacliffe's musical endeavours.


To hear, record or perform Unthunk material, get in touch. We're happy to provide high resolution audio files.

Chamber + popular music

Unthunk merges chamber and popular music. The chamber music influence derives particularly from the modal polyphony of the Renaissance. Pop music characteristics include modern lyrics and instruments. With chamber music, the score captures the initial impulse, much as a screenplay does for a film. The performers provide feel and character, bringing the score to life, transforming the piece in the process. The popular music elements originate intuitively, from off the cuff sketches or improvisation. If you are musician who would like to be involved in Unthunk recording, we invite you to get in touch.

LJ Mounteney


Finn Manniche

Guitars, ‘cello

Rebecca Tunnacliffe



Buff Allen

Drums, percussion

Trevor Tunnacliffe

Trevor Tunnacliffe

Bass guitar, guitar, baritone guitar. Various simple parts not otherwise credited. Trevor is also a lapsed viola da gamba player.

Upcoming project: Elliptic

We’ve given the Unthunk project-in-progress a working title – Elliptic. It is based on a lingering fascination with orbital resonance. Sometimes gravity and motion among celestial bodies results in them developing stable, inter-related orbits, which can be considered polyrhythms on…

Stepping into social media

We’ve started posting to social media, as a way of adding some character and context to our musical releases. We’re limiting ourselves to Instagram for now, with a planned modest story output focused on our view around the music-making, especially…

New album released

We have released a new album, call Utter. It is available on Bandcamp, and you can read about it here.

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