Ferocious sky bears down with hurtled spray.
It’s folly to proceed. Abandon course,
You can’t endure the frowning tempest’s force.
Ditch into hole, let all else wash away.

But coiling tight against the elements’
Rough brunt is worse. By shunning sleet and gale,
Your quest to propagate your seed will fail:
You’ll wither, parched for want of sustenance.

There is fine balance to maintain. With care,
Angle your barricade between extremes.
Leave chinks to admit twigs and detritus,
Let waft the half-damped storm. Abundant air
And fuel must keep your hovel’s hearth aflame;
Too harsh a draught will snuff your vital source.


LJ Mounteney – vocals
Finn Manniche – guitar
Nina Horvath – keys
Trevor Tunnacliffe – bass
Buff Allen – drums