Old knight

Oppression of maturity: the taunt
To nurture radiance of glory past,
Distend and burnish reputation’s breast.
Within rust armour, withered flesh is gaunt.

Luscious relief to shrug, at last, the yoke;
Unto our progeny bequeath. Set free,
Witness inert, while light and purpose flee.
In gloaming, scrabble vestiges of hope.

Experience will guide to strike a spark.
A tinder pinch of passion lingers there:
Unfetter cares and blaze out uncontrolled.
We’ll soon enough disintegrate, turn dark;
Unbutton now to meet the tumult square:
Fling raw forked flesh against the tempest’s bolt.


Carman J Price – vocals
Lisa Jensen – oboe
Finn Manniche – guitar
Nina Horvath – keys
Trevor Tunnacliffe – bass
Buff Allen – drums