Everything you thought of II, I

Everything you thought of is intended as instrumental filler to contrast with the chamber music oriented pieces. The piece was written to split into sections after recording specifically to articulate the album, but can heard as a standalone piece by…


Maria Alejandra Velásquez-Sossa – soprano David Sossa Fernández – guitar Buff Allen – drums and percussion Lyrics: Its slippery among the throng. Strangers pass, hunched, pocket hands, Brush shoulders through the swarming hordes; Sidelong glances dart and slide. I’m luminous…


In order to get the shortcode below, go to the SoundCloud track in question, click the share icon, select embed and check the “WordPress code” box. Copy and insert. 180 Height, visual true 450 height, visual true


Humus combines a motet form with an alternating polyrhythmic pattern. The pitched parts include a long-note version of the requiem mass chant over a drone – played on animoog – to provide the overall structure. The lead part is played…

Your body is a temple

‘Your body is a temple’ has a cumulative structure, similar in design to ‘The twelve days of Christmas’ etc. Vocals – Geoff Webb Cover credit – ink splatter by Maki-Tak http://maki-tak.deviantart.com/art/Splatter-Ink-Blot-Texture-344647493